Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of your starting point, we commit fully to supporting you through positive change. 

Our warm, encouraging and energising approach, enables skillful exploration of scenarios and priorities, as well as the development of a clearly established vision for the future. Clients soon begin to devise strategies to enable them achieve their desired results.

We thrive in collaborative, high trust relationships, and take great pride as we support people and organisations to breakthrough, and achieve beyond goals.

Founded, created and established by Pamela Martin in 2006, Growzone facilitates growth and transformational change, enabling people, teams and organisations to thrive and excel.

Meet Pamela

Exceptional facilitator, strategic advisor, visionary and culture coach with over 24 years of progressive experience enhancing business and personal performance, Pamela collaboratively designs and delivers strategic growth and innovative change programmes within Blue Chip Organisations, Owner-Managed Businesses and with Growing Entrepreneurs.

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Working in partnership with key individuals and strategic leadership teams, Pamela has a consistent record of delivering cultural change programmes and impressive business results across a range of sectors, including service delivery, logistics, manufacturing (fmcg), drinks (luxury branded spirits), retail, oil and gas, recruitment, emergency services, medical devices, aviation, education, and financial services.


Pamela also partners with a growing portfolio of private clients to help drive forward personal and professional ambitions.


As well as many years of hands on experience actively leading transformational change programmes globally, together with respected academic achievements from the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde Business School, Pamela is recognised as a leading qualified master teacher and trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which is fully integrated into day to day practice.

Pamela leads transformational change programmes at multiple levels with business, private and education clients, in such a way that the previously perceived difficult scenarios become straight forward, as new more effective ways emerge, begin to breakthrough and become the new norm. This enables and accelerates the achievement of new extraordinary outcomes, which previously may have been considered as out of reach, to become daily occurrence....

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Some recent achievements and results include…

Group CEO

People & Culture Partnership

  • Engagement survey conducted 93% response Globally

  • Company vision, strategy and goals created and implemented

  • Company values refreshed and behavioural indicators created

  • Board effectiveness review

  • New Board Governance mechanisms created and implemented

  • Employee engagement and communication strategies created

Group Head of HR

One to One Coaching and Mentoring

  • Role evaluation and career development review

  • Review of HR function effectiveness

  • Rebranding of HR to ‘People and Culture’

  • People and Culture vision, strategy and goals created, recognised as benchmark for rest of business

  • Engagement Workshops designed and delivered

  • Enhanced visibility at a strategic level throughout the business

Group Head of Global Organisation Development

People & Culture Partnership

  • Global team restructure, recruitment and team development

  • Organisational development strategy created

  • Function re-branding, through effective engagement workstreams

  • Launch of talent programme engaging executive leaders and top 1%, 100 employees worldwide

  • Internal coaching infrastructure created and implemented

  • 70 internal coaches developed and appointed to embed the coaching culture globally

Group Head of Information Services

Change Management Partnership

  • Effective change management and implementation of a global health and safety management system

  • Leadership of a global ‘steering team’

  • Alignment and effective project governance

  • Management of multiple worldwide system implementations and transitions

  • Successful project delivery

  • Instant worldwide data available at the touch a button, driving a safety culture