We have positively impacted many thousands of people and their organisations across the globe.

We are actively supporting a growing portfolio of private clients, as well partnering with Blue Chip Organisations, Owner-Managed Businesses, and with Growing Entrepreneurs.


Business clients

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"Pamela was exactly what we needed to put a framework and process to the project. Her expertise, and a strong, “down-to-earth” leadership style, challenged the senior team to work together as a team, step outside our comfort zones, look at ways of working we would have never considered before and all the time keeping us on track. Pamela is a highly gifted, and experienced business consultant with many strings to her bow: OD consultant, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and frequently a shoulder to cry on when things got stressful. I am proud to say Pamela has not only become a valued business contact and source of advice but also a trusted confidant and friend...."

Suzanne Matheson

Head of HR

Baynes Family Bakers

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"I was fortunate enough to begin working with Pamela at a crossroads in my career, and she brought exactly the mix of sound theory and down-to-earth rapport that I needed to shake me free of the plateau I had reached, and set me growing in a new direction. I would recommend her to anyone looking for renewed clarity and impetus in pursuing their goals..."

Dave Sheddon

Head of Communications and Engagement

Menzies Aviation


"Pamela and I worked together for 18 months on a global business-wide systems change project.  During that time Pamela taught me a great deal about the change management process, and also gave me the confidence and tools to take on and successfully lead the implementation of the project, across 263 sites Globally.  I am forever grateful for Pamela’s ability to see my capabilities before I could and help push me past my limits to achieve them!..."

Leigh Thomas

Project Manager

Weir Group

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"Pamela and her team at Growzone are engaging from the outset. Her challenging, coaching, mentoring and facilitation skills have and continue to be instrumental in supporting the team at site develop. Her flexible and adaptable approach enables us to deliver the change at a pace that suits.

We look forward to continuing this partnership and would highly recommend Growzone to other organisations..."

Michael Fallon

Site Leader

Hovis Wigan


"What makes Pamela unique is that she starts by gaining a deep understanding of and, where appropriate, challenging the company’s commercial strategy.  Pamela then takes the knowledge gained to develop programmes that are created to maximise alignment and empowerment of the key individuals who will implement the strategy.


This approach means that the investment in Growzone is wholly aligned to delivering the business strategy."

Richard Oliver

Founder, Owner, Non-Exec Director


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"...without Pamela’s support, challenge and intervention the end result would have been hugely different to that which transpired and was fully endorsed and approved by Board of Directors and Shareholders. We are now 1 year into the strategy and revenues have increased by 42% as a direct result of the goals and initiatives that were developed within the strategic plan. Pamela’s approach is truly unique and the value Growzone brought to this project was inspirational and invaluable.    

Craig Martin

Managing Director

Houstons Bottling & Co-Pack


"Pamela's style and approach as well as a solid track record of delivery manifested itself in a setting out a joint but clear regional leadership development program building on foundations of business value improvement and objective delivery as well as the commencement of a performance managed culture. I would happily recommend Pamela and Growzone..."

John McArthur

Head of Manufacturing

Hovis North UK

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"Pamela's unique insight meant that, although tailored to my specific needs, she was able to draw down on experience gained across a range of clients to the extent that I didn’t feel like an isolated case anymore. Growzone’s ability to recognise and assist in strategic change management has helped put us back in control of the processes at the heart of delivering a better company tomorrow. I find Pamela and her team professional, confidential and keen to challenge existing perceptions. I can highly recommend Growzone in areas of change management..."

Colin Rowley

Managing Director

Dron & Dickson Ltd


"Pamela very quickly identified what was required and started working with the senior team to help us to identify what we required, and through this process we actually identified a number of key challenges for the board which previously had gone unnoticed but were crucial to our achievement of growing a high performance team. This process was invaluable to us as it enabled us to set a plan of action in place to really maximise the key strengths of the board while allowing us to take a top down/bottom up approach to our management development programme..."

Anne-Marie Hamill


Escape Recruitment


"Pamela’s energy, commitment and innovative approach are pivotal to the successful delivery of our Culture and Performance Strategic Plan, and the outstanding progress which has been achieved.


I would strongly recommend Growzone, where you will experience advanced cutting edge tools and techniques, as well as a unique approach to drive and deliver high impact, long term sustainable change and business results..."

Robert Hutchison

Vice President of Global Culture and Performance


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"Pamela is exceptionally passionate about people and has a real enthusiasm for developing people to be the best they can be no matter what obstacles they have encountered in the past. Pamela asks the appropriate questions at the correct times and ensures everyone participates."

John Fallen, Operations Director, Houston Bottling and Co-Pack..."

John Fallen

Operations Director

Houston Bottling & Co-Pack


"Pamela is our go-to OD specialist  with any of our portfolio companies. We’ve not met anyone as clear in her analysis and thinking, with acute listening skills who is capable of creating a bespoke and impactful development programme. People warm to Pamela's style and her authenticity and she has always helped us achieve results. We highly recommend  Pamela and Growzone..."

Brian & Sharon Williamson

CEO / Managing Director